FEEL-SIGHTED Opens in Santa Monica

Feel-Sighted Opens in Santa Monica

On Thursday, August 18, Feel-Sighted, an exhibition of touchable art exhibit, opened at the Bleicher/Golightly Gallery in Santa Monica, CA to an enthusiastic crowd. Hannah Kim and Airom Bleicher selected the Center for the Partially Sighted as their nonprofit partner because it made sense. Through their generosity, CPS will benefit from a portion of the proceeds of art sales during the duration of the exhibit, August 18 – September 3, 2011.

Curator Hannah Kim, left, with her sister


The curator and the artists involved in the show created an environment to experience art on multiple sensory levels, not just through vision. Sighted attendees were given the opportunity to wear blindfolds to experience the art by touch and smell in order to attempt to experience a bit of the world through other senses.

An attendee feels Sylvia Cooper's sculpture opening night

Sylvia Cooper, who is 96 and a CPS client, has two sculptures in the show and attended the opening night reception. LaDonna Ringering, CPS’s Executive Director and CEO and Marc Geberick, Chairman of the CPS Board, also attended opening night and were impressed with the turnout and the enthusiasm of the attendees.

Sylvia Cooper poses with one of her sculptures


The Center for the Partially Sighted is hosting Donor Appreciation Night on September 1, 2011 from 6-9 p.m. at the Bleicher/Golightly Gallery, 1431 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401. To RSVP to the event, contact Deidre Strohm at 310-988-1970 x167 or email dstrohm@low-vision.org.


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